Three reasons to have a Syphilis test with Better2Know:

  • An untreated Syphilis infection can be life-threatening
  • Syphilis is a very common infection amongst both MSM and heterosexual communities
  • With Better2Know, you will get your results quickly via our secure, online results area

What is Syphilis?

Syphilis is a potentially life-threatening infection, which can cause serious health complications if left undetected and untreated. It is, however, curable with the right treatment.


Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection. It is passed from person to person through direct bodily contact. Syphilis is commonly transmitted via oral, vaginal or anal sexual intercourse with an infected person, or through contact with a visible sore or Chancre. Chancres mainly occur in the gential area, or around the anus.


The first sign that you have Syphilis will usually be the appearance of a Syphilis Sore, or Chancre, in the first few days and weeks following infection. Once this heals, many people with Syphilis will not experience further symptoms for years. However, they remain at risk of developing further stages of Syphilis.

There are four stages of Syphilis: Primary, Secondary, Latent and Tertiary. The primary stage is the Chancre.  This may progress to the secondary stage, where symptoms can includes rashes, fever, swollen glands, sore throat, hair loss, headaches, and muscle aches. The third stage follows a period of latency (when the patient otherwise feels fine and has no symptoms) where the infection may eventually damage your internal organs, including the brain, nerves, eyes, heart, blood vessels, liver, bones, and joints.

Did You Know

For every 100,000 people in Australia, rates of Syphilis infection vary from around 10 in major cities, over 30 in regional areas, and more than 130 in remote areas. Read more.


Syphilis testing with Better2Know is quick, painless and easy. A simple blood sample or swab of the suspected Chancre is all that is needed.  


Syphilis can be cured with the right course of antibiotics. At Better2Know, we can help you access this treatment, with our network of skilled doctors across Australia. You can also go to your own doctor or sexual health centre to access the necessary treatment.

Potential Consequences

Untreated Syphilis can prove fatal in both men and women. There are a number of potential consequences which can arise from untreated infections. These may include damage to your brain, loss of sight, liver failure and other organ failure. There is an increased risk of contracting other STIs, including HIV, as the immune system weakens. It is important to get tested as regularly as possible, and to get treatment for any infection.

For pregnant women with Syphilis, please consult your midwife to discuss your delivery options. Syphilis can be passed on to your unborn child during pregnancy and child birth. Other complications during preganancy can include: miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth, or death of the new-born baby. After the birth, there is more chance of your baby being at risk of deformity or experiencing delays in development. Other conditions may include: rashes, fever, swollen liver and spleen, anaemia, and jaundice. Syphilis can cause damage to a young child’s bones, teeth, eyes, ears, and brain if left untreated.

Booking your Syphilis test

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