Three reasons to have a Hepatitis A test with Better2Know:

  • The prevalence of Hepatitis A amongst MSM and people who have anal sex is increasing
  • Being aware of your Hepatitis A infection will speed up your recovery
  • Better2Know's private Hepatitis A testing is fast, accurate and confidential

What is Hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is a virus found in faeces and dirty water, which infects the liver. It can also be passed on through anal and oral-anal intercourse with an infected person. The virus is usually found in developing countries, as water is often not treated and hygiene standards are lower than in Australia. As Hepatitis A is an acute infection, patients usually make a full and relatively fast recovery. It is important to monitor the infection, as in rare cases the liver damage can be life changing. 


Hepatitis A is usually transmitted through eating poorly prepared food, drinking dirty water or ice, or using unclean crockery. Hepatitis A can also be sexually transmitted through unprotected anal or oral-anal sex. The virus is found in the faeces of those infected. To avoid passing on the infection, it is important to wash yourself and your glasses and crockery carefully, fully and promptly.


Hepatitis A may not cause any symptoms. When symptoms do occur, they can include flu-like ailments, headaches, fever, weakness, tiredness, feeling unwell nausea and vomiting. Jaundice may also occur if the liver becomes unable to remove bilirubin (a substance a normally functioning liver can remove) from the blood.

Did You Know

Rates of Hepatitis A infection are higher in the Northern Territory, New South Wales and Western Australia than elsewhere in the country. Read more.


Better2Know's Hepatitis A testing uses a single blood sample to detect infection. Results are usually available within five working days of your sample’s arrival at our certified laboratory.


Most people with Hepatitis A will make a full recovery in just a few weeks, with rest and no specific medication. Once you have had Hepatitis A, you should then be immune from further infection. It is important that the infection is monitored by your doctor to ensure that the you have had a complete recovery. 

Potential Consequences

Hepatitis A can also cause chronic inflammation of the liver, potentially leading to liver disease. A Hepatitis A infection increases the risk of contracting other STIs, such as HIV. Once you have recovered from Hepatitis A, you should have lifelong immunity from the virus.

Booking your Hepatitis A test

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