Better2Know’s Private Counselling Service in Australia

Better2Know provides private counselling for people across Australia who may be feeling anxious or upset about their sexual health.

Your Better2Know sexual health counsellor can:

  • Talk with you about your worries and concerns regarding your sexual health and the impact it is having on your life.
  • Provide advice and support on how you can reduce your levels of anxiety surrounding your sexual health and STI status.
  • Help you cope with the emotions that may have been caused by your sexual health related concerns, all at your own pace, comfort and discretion.

So, if you are feeling stressed or worried about your sexual health, you can speak to a qualified counsellor with Better2Know. Our dedicated sexual health advisory team are on hand 24/7 to answer your questions and arrange a confidential phone call to suit your busy schedule.

Understanding Your STI Status

If you have tested positive for an STI and are feeling overwhelmed by your results, Better2Know are here for you. Our professional counselling specialists will offer private and confidential guidance for just a small fee. Your counsellor will help you better understand your diagnosis and how to deal with your results. This private service is available to anyone who would like to discuss their sexual health related concerns, regardless of STI status.

Supportive and Confidential Counselling

In your 20-minute appointment, your Better2Know counsellor will discuss just how your sexual health is affecting you. Your private counselling specialist can help you to move forward and advise on ways in which you can reduce the stress that may have been brought on by a sexually transmitted infection. Better2Know’s professional counsellors provide guidance, compassion and support for your sexual health related issues.

With Better2Know, your patient details will remain 100% confidential. We will not share your private information with any doctors or third parties without prior consent.

Book Your Better2Know Counselling Session

If you would like to speak to one of Better2Know’s qualified sexual health counsellors, contact our expert Patient Services team now on the number displayed above. Our friendly and experienced members of staff will confirm the time of your private counselling session and process your payment securely. To book your confidential phone call online, simply select the Book Now button at the top of the page and follow the instructions.