Better2Know’s HIV DUO test will detect HIV infection just four weeks after potential exposure to the virus. The test, available after 28 days, combines an antibody test for both strains of HIV, with an antigen test for the p24 protein. This popular testing option is available nationwide, and is useful for diagnosing HIV far earlier in the course of the infection. The HIV DUO test is considered 99.8% accurate just 28 days after an incident of concern, increasing to 99.9% after 90 days of incubation.

Once your blood sample has been collected by one of our qualified clinicians, it is sent for analysis at our fully certified, Australian laboratory. Results are usually available within one to five working days of your sample’s arrival at the lab, and are accessible via the secure patient login area of our website. A member of Better2Know’s sexual health advisory team will contact you via a method of your preference – telephone call, email or SMS – as soon as all your results are ready.

Should your test prove reactive, Better2Know will run confirmatory testing at no additional charge. With a network of skilled doctors nationwide, we can also arrange private consultations either in person or over the phone, to ensure you get all the support you need.

To book a test with Better2Know today, call our experienced Patient Services team on the number displayed above. For your convenience, lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you would prefer to arrange your appointment online, you can do so by selecting the Book Now button at the top of the page.