Better2Know can help you to get tested for HIV at just 10 days after any potential exposure.  This is the earliest possible test for HIV.  If you have had a recent encounter and you are worried that you may have HIV, then this is the test for you.

Better2Know’s HIV RNA PCR test is included as part of the Early Detection Screen. This comprehensive testing option will also detect respective Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C infections.

The Early Detection Screen is available in all of our centres across Australia. The test looks for the presence of the HIV virus itself.  It is the most accurate test available at such a short period of incubation. For complete peace of mind, we still recommend a follow up, HIV DUO 28 day test after a minimum of four weeks since any incident that you are concerned about.

The results of your Early Detection Screen will be ready just five working days from your sample’s arrival at our laboratory, and you can check their progress through the secure patient area of our website. Furthermore, we will contact you via your preference of telephone call, email, or SMS once all your results are available.

To book your Early Detection Screen with us today, please call Better2Know’s Patient Services team on the telephone number above. Our welcoming team will make your appointment and answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, if you wish to arrange your appointment online, select the Book Now button at the top of the page and follow the instructions.