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STI Clinics Hobart

Sexual Health Testing in Hobart

Better2Know’s confidential and private STI testing services are available across the Tasmanian capital of Hobart. Better2Know are experts in sexual health, and we have a network of sample collection centres and doctors situated in Hobart and throughout Tasmania. If you are unsure about testing, or anything else related to your sexual health, Better2Know can arrange private consultations either before your test, or following reporting of your results. We provide fast and accurate testing for a wide range of STIs, including HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

At your private appointment in Hobart, you will be seen by a qualified phlebotomist who will take your blood, urine and/or swab samples. Once collected, samples are sent to our fully accredited laboratory where they will be analysed quickly and efficiently. Depending on the test or screen you select, your results could be ready as early as one working day from the receipt of your sample by the lab. Results are reported securely to the patient area of our website. You can access them online at any time. If specified and once all your results are available, you will also be contacted by a member of Better2Know’s sexual health advisory team who will discuss your results with you.

All our private facilities in Hobart are shown in blue on the map below.

STI and HIV Testing in Hobart

Australia’s most common sexually transmitted infection is Chlamydia which, according to the local government, is also Tasmania’s ‘most frequently diagnosed notifiable STI’. Many hundreds of cases are diagnosed in the state every year. Better2Know provides Chlamydia testing both individually and as part of a selection of comprehensive sexual health screens. All our tests and screens have been designed by a panel of medical specialists and are built to suit your needs. Better2Know has private sexual health facilities in South Hobart, Kings Meadows, and the city centre. Our services in Hobart operate at the highest international standards of quality and care.

To book your test or screen in Hobart, call Better2Know today on the number displayed above. Our welcoming and highly experienced Patient Services team will answer your questions and organise your appointment. Alternatively, you can make a booking online by selecting the orange Book Now button at the top of the page.