Do I Have Syphilis?

Syphilis cases are on the rise in Victoria, with the number of cases almost tripling since 2014. The state recorded 1316 cases of Syphilis in 2020 compared to 1678 cases in 2019, though bearing in mind that screenings for Syphilis plummeted by almost 70% during the pandemic. This means that the number of cases in 2020 is likely to be much higher. Whether or not you live in Victoria, getting a Syphilis test is a good idea. 

Abortion has been decriminalised throughout Australia

South Australia has become the last Australian state to decriminalise abortion. Though legal hurdles and inconsistencies in rules and regulations between the states persist, the recent passage of The Termination of Pregnancy Bill in SA signifies an important step in women’s sexual and reproductive healthcare.

When Should I Get a Cervical Cancer Screening?

Frequent screenings for cervical cancer can lead to early detection, prevent cancer from developing and save lives. Despite the importance, the number of those getting tested for cervical cancer in Australia has drastically declined over the past year.

What is the most common STI in Australia?

General STI rates have seen a dramatic increase in recent years, both in Australia and other parts of the developed world. This steep rise in diagnoses can largely be attributed to increases in number and frequency of STI testing, and the increased accuracy of those tests. Societal changes such as the increased popularity of online dating and dating apps have also had implications for the spread of STIs.

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