Is Syphilis on the rise in Australia and what is being done to tackle it?

Australia, and particularly Melbourne, are keeping a watchful eye on the sexually transmitted infection, Syphilis.  It is a serious infection that can cause short and long-term health issues if left undetected or untreated.  With early testing and diagnosis, most people can receive treatment and recover from it.

Could Chlamydia vaccination trials for Koalas have an impact on humans?

Chlamydia is the most frequently reported sexually transmitted infection (STI) in Australia according to They estimate that nearly 97,000 men and women are diagnosed with it each year. If you’re sexually active and under 30 years of age, you are at the highest risk of contracting chlamydia. 

Staying safe through conversation: Speaking to teens about sexual health

Talking about sex can be awkward, especially if you are talking to a teenager. Though likely uncomfortable for both parties involved, the conversation is necessary and an important step in preparing your child for a safe and healthy sex life. We hope this blog can provide some practical advice to facilitate the conversation.

3 Sexual health risks for women who have sex with women

It is a general misconception that women who have sex with women (WSW) are safe from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). However, studies have shown that WSW, including those with both male and female sexual partners, were more likely to report STD clinic attendance, HIV testing and STD diagnosis compared to heterosexual women.

Why you should get a pre-pregnancy STI screening

Planning for a pregnancy and expanding your family is an exciting time but also a time when it is crucial to ensure you are in good health. Getting tested for STIs is important for an expecting mother to protect both herself and her baby. Even if you are in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship, STIs contracted years ago can lie symptomless and affect the course of your pregnancy.

Ask The Expert: An Interview with HIV Specialist Mark Bloch

Dr Mark Bloch has been working in the field of HIV medicine since 1983 and is now the director of Clinical Research at Holdsworth House in Sydney. We asked Dr Bloch some questions about HIV to gain a deeper insight into his thoughts and experience with HIV-positive patients. 

What is Bacterial Vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a condition caused by an imbalance of Gardnerella vaginalis – the bacteria that naturally live inside your vagina. These bacteria work together with other microorganisms to balance the pH levels in your vagina and prevent infections.

Project expanding and improving clinical care in aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander communities

The University of Queensland is leading a project aimed at expanding and improving surveillance infrastructure for Indigenous primary health care. The project, having received a $2 million grant, focuses on preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and blood-borne viruses (BBVs) in Indigenous communities.

PrEP reduced HIV transmission by 90%, study finds

Earlier this year, New South Wales announced a plan to eliminate HIV by 2025. Reaching that goal is now looking more possible thanks to encouraging results from a three-year study of HIV transmission among over 9,000 gay and bisexual men taking PrEP in NSW.

Stigma around STIs: Why does it exist?

STI diagnoses are increasingly common, with at least 16% of Australians estimated to have an STI at some point in their life – that’s around 4 million people. Even with Australia’s most common STIs on the rise, there still remains a stigma. Why?