Better2Know: Meeting Your STI Testing Needs

Worried that you may have a sexually transmitted infection? Need answers fast? Better2Know, a global leader in private sexual health testing services, is here to help.

We provide a fast and dedicated service to test, treat and advise you about any infection you may have.

  • Same or next-day appointments at a clinic near you
  • Results reported, securely, online
  • Get tested at one of our nationwide locations
  • 100% confidential and anonymous service

Fast, Accurate and Confidential Testing

Fast, Accurate Testing and Results

Better2Know works with over 1,500 doctors, clinics and collection centres across Australia. We can get you a private and confidential appointment today for a wide range of tests and screens. After your samples have been collected by one of our qualified clinicians, they will be sent for analysis at our fully accredited, Australian laboratory. Results are reported swiftly and efficiently and are available using our secure online patient log in area. This can be accessed whenever is convenient for you. Use the button below to find your nearest STI clinic in Australia.

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Confidential and Anonymous STI Testing

Better2Know takes confidentiality extremely seriously. You can book your Better2Know test or screen using any name that you choose, it does not have to be your real name. We do not need to ask for personal identification at our private clinics and we will not share your results with anyone without your permission. No one will know that you have used our service unless you choose to tell them. If you are worried about using your credit or debit card, it will appear on your statement as a "Health Screen". You can also choose to use a different method of payment.

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Our Comprehensive Range of STI Screens & Tests

As well as our individual HIV and STI tests, Better2Know offers a complete set of health screens, allowing you to test for a selected range of infections using just a single blood, swab, or urine sample.  If you are not sure which test to choose, Better2Know suggests our Full STI Screen. A selection of our most popular STI screens are shown in the tables below:

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STI & HIV Test Results

With Better2Know, you will receive your results within one to five working days of your sample(s) arriving at our central laboratory. The precise turnaround time depends on your chosen test or screen. Your results will be available to view online as they become available and are reviewed by our team of medical experts.

Contact Better2Know today to locate your nearest clinic in Australia. Our friendly and experienced Patient Services team are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and process your booking.